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English/Arabic words together in single cell, how to placed it on top of other cells with English word automatically


New Member
Electric Bill​
This is monthly Bill هذا فاتورة شهرية​
I want to have chicken burger​
The cost for Burger is 30 SAR. تكلفة برجر 30 ريال سعودي.​
how much is Petrol Price​
Total cost of Items is 500 SAR. التكلفة الإجمالية للعناصر 500 ريال سعودي.​


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Here the sample excel file, we can see some cell with only English words and some with Both English and Arabic, need to arrange all cell with English
and Arabic on top of the cell with only English words



Excel Ninja
Guessing..... and give you 2 formulas option

1] In B4, formula 1 copied down :



In C4, formula 2 copied down :