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Employee Photo that changes depending of List Validation


New Member

Is there any way to have photo in excel that changes depending on a selected employee code in a Data validation list in the same worksheet?

Im trying to do a employee profile dashboard with sales information like the one on the next link:


Still I haven't been able to change the picture in Excel depending on the user selection. I have the photos in a folder on a hard disk and they are named with the employee code.

Thanks for any help...


New Member
Excel version?

I couldn't find any event in Excel 2003 that fires when you select an entry from a data validation dropdown list.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
You can do this without code using the Camera Tool

- Setup some columns with Name, Id and Picture

- The Picture Cells should all be the same size / height

- Paste the pictures into cells probably next to the Employees ID,

- Resize the Pics to fit within the cells, You Can use the Alt while dragging to snap to cell edges

- Name the Picture cells according to the ID, use Create Names, Left if the photos are next to the Id's

- Setup an area where you will setup a validation and use a List, select the employee's names column

- Setup a cell somewhere "EmployeeNo"which will use the Match Function to lookup the Employees name from the validated cell and return it's position from the employee list

- Setup a Named Range as Employee_Pic and make it equal to = Choose(EmployeeNo, List the employees in order)

- Now setup a Camera Tool where ever you want it

- Select the Camera tool and in the Formnula Bar type =Employee_Pic

You should now have a Pic of the employee list in the validation box.


New Member
You can try the technique described here: http://chandoo.org/wp/2008/11/05/select-show-one-chart-from-many/

The technique is using camera tool and indirect formula to link a named range to an image. The article shows how to do this for a chart, but you can use a picture in the place of chart and it still works


New Member
Thanks Hui and Chandoo. Had read about the camera method in the "Select show one chart from-many" and was hoping for an alternative (I have 170 employees).

Guess Ill start pasting all photos :D

Thanks and if anyone have more suggestions keep them coming (don't mind if is a VB solution).

P.D. I'm using Excel 2007 but have installed Excel 2003 in my machine.

P.D.D. Yes I know I could use Access for this but I just don't have the time or knowledge to the all else I need to do.