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embedded single quotes in data upsetting insert into


New Member
Hello. I have some embedded (single) quotation marks in my data source that I am reading char by char and stringing together to create a suitable DoCmd such as below. Problem is that these embedded quote's cause a problem with the quote's necessary for the command itself. Is there an escape sequence or something I can use. I need to preserve them in the data

DoCmd.RunSQL "insert into tableName(field1, field2) values('var1','var2')"

For example, if var1 = "ST DAVID'S PLACE" I end up with

DoCmd.RunSQL "insert into tableName(field1, field2) values('ST DAVID'S PLACE','var2')"

ie too many quotes !!


New Member
It's OK I have sorted this now. Just examine each character read (sChar) and if single quote encountered, simply add another

Chr(39) & sChar



New Member
hmm you can also use substitute to replace single quotes with 2 single quotes. But it has a draw back of actually making 4 single quotes if there are any 2 single quotes in the text.