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Easier to do in Excel or something else?


New Member
I have to create a list or a "database" of signs where I work. I'd like to include a picture of the signs and fields that relate to the signs (size of sign, font, floor located...etc). If a sign needed to be updated, then I can simply do a search of a word that would appear on any of the signs and I know which signs to tell the sign shop to change. Currently, we do not have anything like this in place and it makes it hard to track the signs we have. Is this easier to do in Excel or in Access?


Excel Ninja
Staff member

It depends on what easier means?

Easier to Setup, Use or Maintain

This will depend on the level of skills of the user, operator and the support your company is giving you to achieve this goal

have a read of a recent post


Simple annswer is that it can be done in either Access or Excel

If it is a small list probably less than 50 or 60 records its probably easier in excel

Larger lists > 100 probably easier in Access


New Member

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did read the post about the photo and list validation. I thought of doing the same thing with what I was going to do. My list will be about 200 signs so I better learn Access. Do you know of any good sites on Access?