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dynamic sparkline between ref month and observed month


hi guys, girls
I hope you are well. I need your help.
I am building a dashboard.
tracking monthly data following process steps.

in my dashboard, I compare the month observed (often the last month) but not necessarily with the reference month which can evolve via a drop-down menu.

In my excel, the observed month is in F2
the reference month is in H2

I would like to use sparkling conditioned to the time boundaries of my data (reference month to observed month)
in short a time interval potentially lower than the range of my data min and max.

How to do it please.

If you know of any nice monthly flow observation dashboard, I'm interested
Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas to you.


  • Classeur2.xlsx
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One way is to use a dynamic range with INDEX ( ) : INDEX ( ), combo. The colon tells the second INDEX to create an array "from - to".


  • Classeur2_DynamicSparklineRange.xlsx
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