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Dynamic Selection of Week number on clicking the icon

Hi Excel Gurus

I need a help where I need to filter the week number on clicking the arrow like shape the entire filter should show only the week number shown in cell d2.
Each week the data filter will work on the dynamic week data.

Thanks in Advance.

Vignesh V


Marc L

Excel Ninja
Hi !​
According to your attachment a beginner starter demonstration :​
Sub Demo1()
    If ActiveSheet.FilterMode Then ActiveCell.AutoFilter
    [B5].CurrentRegion.Columns(3).AutoFilter 1, [D2]
End Sub
Do you like it ? So thanks to click on bottom right Like !​
Hi Marc

Many a Thanks.

Would like to know in case if the data is containing the filter already how can I map this code with the content.
Above content works if there is no filter applied to table content.
Real time data contains filter applied already and above condition need to be worked.

Thanks in Advance.

Vignesh V
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Marc L

Excel Ninja
Above content works if there is no filter applied to table content.
Wrong ! As you can see within the code, it works whatever a filter yet exists or not​
so as I wrote « according to your attachment » my demonstration does not need any mod …​