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Dynamic addition.

John Jairo V

Well-Known Member
Hi, to all!

Another similar approach, without volatile functions:

[C2] : =IF(C4,"",LOOKUP(9E+307,$B2:B2)+INDEX($B4:$M4,COUNT($B2:B2))) <-- Drag it right.
or (positive numbers):
[C2] : =IF(C4,"",-LOOKUP(,-$B2:B2)+INDEX($B4:$M4,COUNT($B2:B2))) <-- Drag it right.


Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
This is a dynamic array solution. Let k be defined to refer to
= SEQUENCE(1, 21, 0)
i.e. integers from 1 to 20. The required number sequence is given by
= IF( MOD( k, 4 ), "", 5 + (1 + k/4) * k/8 )

Because dynamic arrays do not evaluate accumulations, I summed the series analytically and entered the resulting formula.