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Earlier this year, @Jordan developed a sweet 3D maze application in Excel.

Using that engine, I have made an Excel game titled "Dungeons!!!".

It still has a couple bugs in it, which is why I would like to call on our wonderful members here to try it out and let me know what you find.

The biggest bug I know of: After you have viewed the Score sheet for the first time, it keeps popping up in the background. Turning screen updates to false doesn't fix this. Let me know if you find any solutions.

BEWARE - Nasty code ahead. Any suggestions on improvement are extremely appreciated.
I only have Excel 2013, so it has not been tested on any earlier versions.

Have fun!




You've definitely found a bug in Excel 2013. I just compared Excel 2013 to 2010, and it appears to work without issue in 2010. My uneducated guess is: the drawing objects between each screen is confusing windows. I'm not sure how to fix this issue directly.

My suggestion would be to bypass showing/hiding tabs altogether. Instead, just hide the tab strip at the bottom (you can do this through the options menu - or with VBA). Then, you don't have to worry about showing and hiding sheets because the user won't be able to get to any sheet not currently in view. Moreover, when you want to show a different sheet, you just activate it, like so: