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Download and Install Power BI Desktop In Simple Steps


New Member
Download Power BI Desktop
  • To download the Power BI Desktop application, first, go to the Official Power BI Website. The following image shows you a download page from the official website and also the Download or Language Options.
  • Once you click the Download or Language Options, you will notice the following dropdown box.
  • Next, you can select any one of the languages as per your need in the dropdown box.
  • Once a language is selected, it will dynamically change the content to that language. Please click the Download button.
  • The download button offers you to choose a downloadable OS file either 32Bit or 64Bit ( depending upon your system architecture)
  • The Next button will be enabled once you select either of the FileNames. Now, Click the Next button to download it on your device.
  • Once you open the downloadable file on your system, you will notice the following dialog box.
  • The license agreement dialog box is displayed once you click the Next button. Now the Next button will be enabled after you click the checkbox.
  • Click the Next button to open the Destination folder. The folder allows you to either leave the default C location or use the Change button to alter your desired location for installing Power BI Desktop Application in your device.
  • Please, click the Next button to give you the following alternatives.

    1. Are you ready to Install? If, yes click the Install button (or) Do you want to review or change any of the installation settings? If yes, click Back Button. Next, click the Install button for installation.
  • Please, wait until the installation is finished.
  • That’s it. Power BI Desktop is now ready for analytics or report development! From there, you can begin creating data models or interactive reports.
    • When Power BI is installed, it generates a welcome screen.
    • This screen is used to launch different options related to getting data, enrich the existing data models, create reports as well as publish and share reports.