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Distance Calculator for many addresses


New Member
I have downloaded the Distance Calculator and it works great! Appreciate that it is available. I have a question. I have a group of addresses (< 1,000) that I need to calculate driving distance. How can I perform those driving calculations for the entire list of addresses rather than one by one?

Thanks for the help!


Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
In general terms, if the Distance Calculator either is a Lambda function that produces a single output (or can be wrapped to turn it into a Lambda function) then BYROW will evaluate the function for each row and return the distances as a single array.
Alternatively, it might word by simply inputting the start and end points as arrays; it all depends on the calculator.


New Member
Thank you both for replying. The one I found was created by Derry Hill on 7/17/2018. Essentially it allows entry for the Bing key and an origin and destination address. It generates multiple URL's and finally the distance and travel time at the bottom.

Peter, I will look at BYROW. That one is new to me.