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Displaying a chart based on multiple drop downs


New Member
I have a multiple page spreadsheet and I am trying to complete a chart page for the data in the earlier pages. The spreadsheet tracks "Sales Opportunities" by "Product Type" and by "Salesperson". There are 29 "Salespeople" and 30 "Product Types", I would like to display each "Salespersons" success ratio (sales vs. closes) for each product type but that would result in having 870 charts. I am hoping that I can use a single chart and select from a drop down which "Salesperson" and a second drop down with "Product Type" and have the chart dynamically update accordingly.

I currently use drop downs on all pages that point back to a single "reference" page. So everything in both fields in question are always consistent. I can also create a page with the 870 fields of data that would make up the chart (I believe I have to do this as the chart doesn't take formulas into account) so I should need the finalized data to create the chart.

Any ideas or answers would be greatly appreciated.