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Display tasks worked on between any 2 dates


New Member

I have to prepare a report on the tasks that were worked on between 2 dates.

The data that I have is a set of tasks alongwith their start and end dates e.g.

Task Start date End date

Task1 15-Jan-2010 28-Jan-2010

Task2 20-Jan-2010 24-Jan-2010


The report that needs to be generated is as follows:

Given 2 dates, give the tasks that were worked on between those dates e.g. if the dates are 25-Jan-10 and 29-Jan-10, the report should only contain Task 1. But if the dates are 21-Jan-10 to 23-Jan-2010, the report should contain Task 1 and Task 2.

Could anyone please help me with this problem?

Greatly appreciate any help.

Thanks and Regards



Excel Ninja
Staff member
I would add a helper column D

in D2 i would have a simple =if(and(StartDate<C2,EndDate>B2),1,0)

Then either use a Pivot Table or setup a Rank column and some Lookups to retrieve the fields you want:

I've mocked up a sample here



New Member
Hello Hui

Thanks a lot for the help.

You solved my problem. Also I learnt another use of RANK.

Thanks you very much.




New Member
Hello Hui

Why have you used the '+' sign before the 'RANK' formula?

Thanks and Regards



Active Member
The frickin' 90's.

Hui apparently used to excel to calculate how many heavy rocks it would take to make the pyramids.....