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Display excel charts on sharepoint with filter function


New Member

I'm using excel 2007 and was trying out Chandoo's method of using filter to display the different charts. (Amazing trick really!)

But the sad news is that I can only save my excel file as web page or single web page and the filter function is not possible in web page format.

I cant use the dynamic array to show my charts cos my charts are created from pivotTable (or rather i duno how!)

Is there any way to display an excel spreedsheet onto sharepoint, without having the user to open up the file?

Any other amazing trick to advise?! HELP~~

p/s: I can't use the excel web service to publish charts 'cos feature not available.


New Member
hmm... I am not aware of many options that would allow this. You can try writing some javascript that would show the corresponding chart based on user input. I have no experience publishing dynamic charts on web...

Also, you can try google spreadsheet charting widgets to do this.