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Dinamic sum on diferent Sheets

Luis Nic

New Member
Hello this may be simple, but i´ve been struggling whith a workbook that has about 20 sheets, each containing information about diferent clients and i need to summarise the data into one sheet son i can visualice and compare several at a time.

So mi idea is to make one sheet, and bring the info i want from the other sheets,

i uploaded an example file to make it easyer.


GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Depending on your version of Excel, for this use case I would always use a Power Query solution. Typically this can be created by simply using the mouse.
Option 1: first consolidate all data in a single table. Your data validation can then be a simply index/match reading from that table.
Option 2: first enter data validation and then refresh query.

I am assuming your data in real life is a a bit larger.
EDIT: for this simple example you could also use an indirect function:
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Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
If you use sheet-scoped names 'New' (say) you can also build the local names within the INDIRECT function:
Then you will be able to move the client data to a different location of each sheet and the formula will still find the correct data.