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Design (UX/UI) Inspiration Needed

Gregg Wolin

I’m seeking design inspiration / advice for the creation of a “dashboard-looking” input section(s) for a model that has a variety of input types of differing dimensions. There are 3 “types” of inputs:

Type 1- general groups of assumptions involving various amounts, rates and descriptive data.

Type 2 - anywhere from 1 to potentially 6 monthly schedules (each up to 36mos).

Type 3 - a line item budget with up to 20 lines

I’ve experimented with a variety of designs and navigation tools that (i) conditionally hides rows & columns and (ii) use buttons to toggle the visibility of sheets, none have which have brought me any joy.

I have spend what seems like countless hours seeking inspiration from ui/ux blogs and excel forums to no avail so I thought I would see if anyone out there has built or seen something that addresses any of these challenges and would appreciate any ideas, advice, guidance or examples that might help me inch closer to my elusive vision. I’ve tried various formats over the YEARS and none provide anything close to the user experience of a good “app.”

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
I would suggest that Tables should be used for all user input or reference data. Single values can be collected together under headers
Attribute Name, Attribute Value, Units, Description
and then name each attribute introduced using 'Create from Selection'.

Series data would have headers
Period1, Period2, …, Periodn
The column headings could then be hidden and more meaningful dates could be displayed above the series data using formulas.
Other data might conform more closely to standard database tables.

What this provides is a default set of dynamic names to be used for referencing the data. If you are so lucky as to be using modern Dynamic Arrays the whole of your processing could follow dynamically, otherwise you will have some adjustments to make for each data case.

Just to introduce a little more spreadsheet heresy, I would suggest that graphic design skills are also important if you are attempting to create an 'app'.

Gregg Wolin

Thanks Peter. I’ll experiment with your idea. The graphic design (ui/up) aspect is what I’m really after here. An intuitive way to jump between various input sections while keeping an eye on the results of various assumption choices.


Excel Ninja
May be use Modeless UserForm with tabs for each section.

With button control to show summary in new sheet.

All raw data stored in data sheets in flat table format.