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Dependent dropdown list with subheader categories


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Hello everybody! This is my first time posting a thread and I really hope someone here can help me quick enough.

I have the following "table" (in quotes bc I couldn't format as an actual Excel table) that brings 3 identical subheaders categories (ADDRESS, EMPLOYEES and EMPLOEMAILS) to each header (the Company).

I need to create three cells with dropdown lists for each subheader category based on the main dropdown list where the user chooses the Company.

Please note that Row 1 brings the headers, Row 2 the subheaders and Raws 3 and 4 the data collected. Also please note that there will be more 20 companies to be added in the table.

I hope I was able to express my challenge well.

Thank you very much if you read this far.



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As You are a new member, You could reread Forum Rules
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How possible that You didn't know?
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of course, You have started from there.
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