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Delete Row Based on range of cells


File is attached.

I am looking for a quick and easy way to delete all rows that can zero for every cell in column B through column G. For example, I would want to delete rows 9, 27, 31, and 35 easier. There is no financial data there and it would be nice to have shorter data sets over time. Please help! Thanks!



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Sub belle()
Dim J As Long, i As Long, wf As WorksheetFunction
J = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
    Set wf = Application.WorksheetFunction
For i = J To 2 Step -1
    If wf.CountIf(Range("B" & i & ":G" & i), 0) = 6 Then
        Range("B" & i).EntireRow.Delete
    End If
Next i
End Sub