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Days Between transactions per workorders


New Member
Hello Everyone,
i have a table with 3 column.
work order; item, and date

I need to calculate days between dates for every workorder/item.

Was able to determine item rank under each work order (with dax), but can't figure out how can i calculate days. :(

Attached the base table, so if anyone can help, thank you.



Excel Ninja
I don't think your expected result is correct. And not quite sure of your logic,

But try following calculated column. If this isn't correct, I need bit more detailed explanation of your logic.
VAR _curDate = tbl_orders[EndDate]
VAR _nextDate =
        MIN ( tbl_orders[EndDate] ),
        tbl_orders[EndDate] > _curDate,
        ALLEXCEPT ( tbl_orders, tbl_orders[EndDate], tbl_orders[WorkOrder] )
    DATEDIFF ( _curDate, _nextDate, DAY )