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DAX on YTD versus LYTD variation PBI fiscal year, Oct 1 - Sep 30

Saul Espinoza

New Member
Good evening; will appreciate it very much if you can help me to tweak the DAX formulas to get the correct result, as can be seen, the DAX Ventas_YTD VAR is not returning the correct amount when data for January and onward is loaded :( and the waterfall chart in the last column is misleading. Please see attached images and attached PBI files with data loaded until Dec 2020 and Jan 2020 (FY 2021). Thanks a bunch for your feedback



Excel Ninja
So what should be the correct result?
Should it be calculated based on entire FY 2020 or should it be based on same period of FY 2020?

FYI - Waterfall isn't the best chart to represent sales data. As total value isn't really representative of any meaningful data. Personally, I'd just chart it as bar / column chart. You can show variance in data call outs.