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Dates from numbers


Can anyone help? I an importing a table to use in my Power bi but one of the date columns has a mixture of dates/time and numbers IE "43590.77851" which also represent date /time but when they appear in my Power bi I cannot convert the them to dates using the data type text fiction, I have tried to change them to whole numbers and then to date which works ok for the numbers "43590.77851" but it shows the proper dates as error and the same when I use the date function in the data type text fiction it will remove the time on the dates but on the number "43590.77851" it will show error,
Does anyone know what I can do so that it will leave the dates as dates and change the numbers 43590.77851 to dates??????

Thanks Tom90


Marc L

Excel Ninja
Hi, no need any date function as a "date" is nothing but a number, just format the cell as date time ! …​

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Hi Marc,
I'll have to disagree for once. Since PowerPivot and PowerQuery both know date data type (not format) and both offer time intelligence functions. #WhereDidIparkMyDolorean?