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DATEDIF Function not available in Excel 2010?


New Member
Does anyone know why this is not active for my EXCEL 2010?

If not, any thoughts on how I can calculate the month difference between two dates?

Thanks Everyone!

Luke M

Excel Ninja
DATEDIF stopped being documented awhile ago, but it's still a valid function. Although my friend SirJB7 will (rightly) point out that ti does has some flaws when doing certain calculations.
Format for months is:

Also, a side note, the VB function DateDiff is also still valid, uses a lot of the same lettering, and is a little more robust.


Excel Rōnin
Hi, mgao77!
As my friend Luke M correctly stated here I go. Check this link:
And when sublink doesn't work (because it doesn't work, in fact any of the links to this website topics/post prior to the migration to the new forum software don't work, which turns difficult, harder and tiring either searching into the history), try with this:
Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's what we all have to deal with. Despite of this too:


New Member
Thank you all for your help! I was able to use a combination of the day360 and month formulas to get what I wanted.

Thanks again, I love this Forum!


Excel Ninja
Sir JB7

Chandoo links are in some loop and if you copy/paste then you just end up back at the new forum, if you copy/paste a link to an external site they work.


Excel Rōnin


Links to other websites work fine, unless those websites have reallocated their linked stuff (I don't remember right now which one, but I found issues at one of the usuals -peltiertech, contexture, etc.-).

Links to this website doesn't work to older links previous migration, and the built-in search feature which happened to work wow! in our tests in the real world it doesn't work for me at least.

Let me take the upward example, my loved topic about DATEDIF function originally titled "Excel 2007" started by Nitika.Kaul, yes, I remember that :)
The original link was:
The new link is:
Even if I remember exactly the original topic and the original poster, I found almost impossible to find it quickly (1st search). I tried using this keywords:
- excel 2007
- excel-2007
- excel 2007 datedif function
- excel 2007 nitika kaul
- excel 2007 sirjb7
- nitika kaul datedif
- ... and imagine any other combination and I tried it, with dash, without dash

I actually happened to find it using:
- datedif
But this is not the easy way, imagine looking for VLOOKUP or more frequently used functions... if I always address the OP in my posts, why haven't I found "nitika.kaul datedif"?

I tried too copying and pasting the original link, removing the "s" from "forums" and and googleing it:
Nop. Neither worked.

As a matter of fact, unless I'm being so dumb that I don't realize how to perform a f.....g simple search, I don't find anything.


PS: f.....g stands for filling o_O


PS2: More strange thing indeed. After having found anything like in the example, and performing again the same searches that failed first, many of them appear to work and they retrieve lots of entries that they originally didn't.
And this is more incomprehensible to me.


PS3: Just tried putting the following words in the search textbox:
nitika kaul excel 2007
http://chandoo.org/forum/search/32133/?q=nitika kaul excel 2007&o=date
I ONLY!!! get this link:
which in this case is directly related, but it's retrieved for having found the keywords into it contents, I guess... and the original one? where is it? :eek::oops:
Last edited:

Luke M

Excel Ninja
Another tricky thing I've noticed about our current search feature; sometimes the box for "Search only this forum" gets checked, and I need to uncheck it to make sure I'm looking at everything. Just a small thought.


Excel Rōnin
@Luke M
And what if you don't know exactly the name and the member who started it? It isn't useful...
If only the links issue were solved, I described how to do it indeed, but... not even an answer.
PS: Ha ha ha... I've yet forgotten about that... (my post)