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date formula to calculate bi-weekly pay period

Discussion in 'Ask an Excel Question' started by jsr, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. jsr

    jsr New Member


    new to this site. I have constructed a spreadsheet for my personal time off accrual. I have a column for the date range, for example, 2/10/2013-2/23/2013 is the first row. How do I construct a formula to compute the next date range 2/24/2013-3/9/2013? I have taken a few excel courses and know how to formulate monthly loan payment date. But this issue was not taught in class. I do not really need the answer (although that would be too easy), but the logical thinking of the construction of the formula.

    thanks in advance
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  2. Hui

    Hui Excel Ninja Staff Member


    Firstly, Welcome to the Chandoo.org Forums

    My recommendation is never hard code dates like that, always use date numbers & formulas

    So I would have two cells

    one would have 2/10/2013, lets assume that it was A1

    From this you can calculate the second date B1: =A1+13

    You can now see that

    A2: =A1+14

    B2: =B1+14


    If you really need to you can combine them like: =A1&" - "&B1

    which will display 2/10/2013-2/23/2013

    Dates are simply stored as numbers in excel and so doing maths is quite simple

    The dates are stored as Integer Numbers starting with 1 as 1/1/1900

    Today is 413838

    Displaying Numbers as Dates is achieved by using a Custom number format on the cells involved

    Excel automatically works that out as Dates are typed in
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  3. jsr

    jsr New Member

    Thank very much! That was too easy. What I needed to do was to break down the problem and focus on the result I wanted. Your assistance on this issue will surely help me in the future.
  4. Lisa Eaton

    Lisa Eaton New Member

    I've been looking for a simple breakdown of how to create the biweekly pay periods. I was able to follow your example until the display of the date range. My data is showing up as an integer - integer. I tried to format the individual cell with a date format but it didn't work for me. I'm guessing that is because I want the formatting of the date range with the hypen included. Please help! Thanks!
  5. Lisa Eaton

    Lisa Eaton New Member

    Whoohoo! With your direction about what I wanted to do was called ("custom number formatting"), I was able to find the information to solve my problem. This is a great website to get answers and direction to answers quickly! Thanks so much!!

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