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Date format not getting assigned in all rows.

Dear Excel Genius,

I have exported massive data from a table of MySql .MDF to Excel. After opening excel sheet the date format is not getting the same in all the rows. I have more than 25000 rows of data. I need to convert all 3 columns' format as "DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS"

See below the snapshot and the file link for your kind consideration.



All you need to do is multiply the 3 columns by 1 then apply your format as Custom, so you could:
- write 1 in cell E1
- copy that cell
- select the entire 3 columns
- paste special
- select Multiply
- OK
Now that the data is no longer formatted as text you can apply your new date formatting to the entire 3 columns as Custom.


Active Member
Another and easier way
Select the Columns - Click Data - Tet to columns -Finsih
FYI numbers are right-aligned in cells ( Dates are actually numbers in the background) and text is left-aligned)