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Date entry wrong via Userform


New Member
Dear Forum members,

I have a userform containing Textbox which sends date to Excel cell with a submit button. Whenever I write date in the textbox from Date 1 to 12, no matter whaterever month, the entry in the cell from textbox get flipped date to month & month to date. But from date 13th to 31st the entries go correct into the cell.
I formatted the cell with date format and even custom format (dd-mm-yyy). The problem remains the same, from date 1 to 12, it gets flipped in the cell from userform.

I have uploaded a sample Excel file with Userform to try.
Can somebody help me with this.



Well-Known Member
I can't see the userform.
But try:
Note,when you use Cdate the dates has to be filled,if not you have to add extra code.


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