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Date comparision


New Member
Hi all, greetings.
I've a requirement to validate 3 cells (Ex: Columns F, G, H) which is having 3 different DATES.
1. First I've to format these cells in DD/MM/YYYY format.
2. Have to validate the Dates like H column is less than F / G Column values, this condition should be passed.
3. Have to validate whether H is greater than F / G Column values, this condition should be failed.
Note: There is a chance like F or G column values will be blank.
Please advise and do provide an answer or any formula to overcome this issue.


Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
A formula like
= (CDS.value>Logon.value)+(SNOW.value>Logon.value)
produces {1,0} but number formatting
"OK";"";"Not OK"
can be used to display text.
The names are used to tidy up the coersion of text dates to numbers.




Active Member
As you posted a picture ( impossible to work with although nice to look at), I could be wrong, but all your dates seem to be left-aligned.
If that is so without manual alignment, your dates are text looking like dates, not real dates.
If the above do not work, post a sample sheet