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Data Validation not POP-UP a message

Dear Excel Genius

I want to pop up a message when the cells have negative values. To achieve that I used Data Validation > Decimal > Between > Error Message like below snapshot.

After applying the data validation, I got pop up when I entered the negative values manually like below snapshot.

But the problem is when the cell gets negative values by its formula, it is not pop up the error message. see the below GIF.

Please guide me to get the pop-up error message with its formula.
@pecoflyer Thanks a lot for your reply

The Data Validation pop-up comes when I edit the cells and not the value gets negative as per its formula. See below GIF
I have added custom data validation with the formula. Find the attached sheet FYI.


I am not preferred to use Conditional Format as it won't pop up the error message than changing the colours.
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Yes, I found the mistake in what I did. Actually, I applied data validation only in the "K15"

Now I understood and applied the data validation in the input cells too, which is trigger the pop-up messages promptly.

Once again thanks a lot for your valuable reply @pecoflyer