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Data substitution [SOLVED]


New Member
First, I want to say this is a cool forum I have learned a lot from other people's questions. Now I have one and as usual, it is probably something simple I am missing...

I want to have Excel display a wing ding check mark when a user types "y" in a cell. I have been trying to do a substitute formula but putting the symbol in an unused portion of the spreadsheet and calling it to the selected cell but I can't get it to work. Any thoughts?


New Member
Here's it can be done.

Let's say A1 is where user types in "Y", in B1 change the font format to Windings and also in B1 type/copy the following formula;


In the above formula the character "ü" represents the Winding checkmark.Try it


New Member
Suggest you modify Axim5 formula to: =IF(OR(A1 = "y", A1 = "Y"), "ü","")

This will cover both upper or lower case inputs and only put a check mark in if the condition is met, otherwise B1 remains blank.


New Member
I have posted about this on the blog today... with 2 more ways to do it. http://chandoo.org/wp/2009/09/15/get-tick-marks-in-excel/