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Data Scrap from Web page

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hi guys,
i need some help for scrapping data from website to excel and i wants to scrap


from following website, Example :
Is anyone help me to scrap the data?

Result should be

Column AColumn BColumn CColumn D
https://parts.cat.com/en/catcorp/107-0266Standard Efficiency Cabin Air Filters are designed to keep out dirt, soot, sand and other contaminants, while also reducing outside odors entering the cab under normal operating conditions.
Cat® Cabin Air Filters are designed with advanced filtration technology that reduces airborne irritants, creating a cleaner and more comfortable working environment for the operator.
•Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency
•Media Type: Standard
Earthmoving Compactor
825G 825G II 825H 826G 826G II 826H 836G 836H

Forest Products
554 564 574B

Wheel-Type Loader
950G 962G 966G 972G 980G 988G 988H 990K 992K 993K 994H 994K

Off-Highway Truck
69D 769D 771D 773D 773E 773F 773G 773G LRC 773G OEM 773GC 775D 775E 775F 775G 775G LRC 775G OEM 776D 777D 777E 777F 777G 784C 785 785B 785C 785D 789 789B 789C 789D 793C 793D 793F 793F AC 793F CMD 793F OEM 793F XQ 795F AC 795F XQ 797 797B 797F

Wheel Dozer
824G 824G II 824H 834G 834H 844K 854G 854K

Integrated Toolcarrier


Track-Type Tractor
58L 59L 59N 9 9SU 9U D10R D11R D9N D9R D9T
Not open for further replies.