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Data from Web



I have a date problem when connecting to a website,

In the attached file, the first URL works without problem (the date column is automatically converted to dd/mm/yyyy) but the second URL returns a column without dates
How to solve the problem please ?

Thanks in advance



Hello AlanSidman,
thank you for your answer,
When I open your file, I have a column that is of text type and the date is not in mm/dd/yyyy format (see attached image)
Maybe the problem comes from the regional settings in Windows or from the web source?
But strange that it works for one URL and not the 2nd one!



Excel Ninja
Don't rely on implicit conversion for this type of date string. It does not contain year info and can cause various issues down the line.
2nd one causes issue, since it contains future dates. Implicit conversion will not know what to do with them.

And looking at stats, 1st URL is for current ongoing season. 2nd URL is really previous year (2020/2021 season).
Instead of relying on implicit conversion, you should create your own transformation steps and/or add custom function for conversion.


Hello Chihiro,

Thanks for the analysis,
I have indeed solved the problem with steps in Power query and it works now.

Have a nice day