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Data as per date


Hi Guys,

Hope you are doing good!!

I have one file, where I need some formulas , so that whenever i dump raw data in this, it automatically update my numbers.

Trick is numbers shd be updated as per date we select.

E.g.- if I select oct22, numbers shd show aug22 to oct 22 numbers in col. E ,only Nov'22 in col. F, Nov'22 to Aug'23 in col. G.

on the same page if next mth i change oct'22 to nov'22 then col. E shd show aug'22 to nov'22 and col. F now show Dec'22 and col. G would show Dec22 to Aug'23 (Aug'23 would remain same)

for other cols like FY24, we can have different formulas not depend on date, but months shd be Sep23 to aug24 as so on for others FY.

Attaching one file for further reference.