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Dashboard preparation



I am preparing my first excel dashboard and looking for ideas how we can do it.

Can any one please lookinto the sheet I have attached and suggest how we can present it in better way…May be with the help of Slicers.

Thanks in advance


GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Hi Veeru106,

Looking at your data, I believe you can do a lot. But the question is what would you want to show?
Perhaps you can have a peak at a few examples to be inspired:
obviously: https://chandoo.org/wp/excel-dashboards/
Some free downloads as well on: https://trumpexcel.com/creating-excel-dashboard/
I personally also like this one (I added this one because you want to use slicers, and he has some great examples + tutorial for a dashboard in 15 minutes):

enjoy the read.