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Dashboard Chart

Hi Chandoo Experts,

Can you take a look at the "Batting Dash" tab of my Detroit Dashboard? In the field chart I can't make the square box that has the player's name and the amount of games to move around to the corresponding position. If you can figure out how to make that move I would be appreciative of your help. Thanks, Joe from Michigan.



Excel Ninja
Staff member
Right Click on the Box
Format Data Labels
Un-select Show Leader Lines
Click Right

Now drag the box 1 mm or so to the right of the player

Now change the values
The box moves with the player
Hi Hui,
Thanks for responding. When I click on the slicer tab of the player can the box move automatically to that position of the player? For example, if I click on the Austin Jackson tab it should move to the centerfield spot (according to the x and y spots).


Excel Ninja
Staff member
Simply put formulas in Q7 and R7 to lookup the positions where ever they are

Q7: =INDEX(Y$2:Y$10,MATCH($C$3,$X$2:$X$10,0))
Copy across to R7

Then enjoy