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Hello Excel gurus,

what is the best way to present the data on my dashboard? I have the data for urgent and regular orders for 30 dealers (in exemple file just 4 names), by months and by years 2013 and 2014. I want my chart to be dynamic so, when I add the data it will update automatic.

I want my graph to only show the data for selected "name" user choose on DASH sheet. So basicaly I want that user can see the progression of urgent and regular orders (more of regular orders the better) for selected "name" and to somehow see how that "name" is standing among others. + I want graph to show YTD standings for selected "name" among the others and YTD comparison for previous year.

I was also thinking of scrollable chart so when the user selects one name he can then move back and forth to see how is the name progressing. What are your thoughts about that?

I am definitely not a visual master so I would be very happy to get some help and directions. If I did not explain something clear enough please let me know. See the attached file for more infos.

Thank you!


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Excel Ninja
Hi ,

Can you post a link to the solution , so that in future if anyone comes across the same problem , they will be able to access the solution ?