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Dan Bricklin's Ted Talk on spreadsheet


Excel Ninja
If you search following term on Google:
"Who created Excel" or "Who invented Excel" then Google promptly returns Dan Bricklin's name and couple of his younger day photos.

In reality, Dan Bricklin never worked for Microsoft. But he did create the electronic spreadsheet before Microsoft Excel came into being. He and his partner Bob Frankston created VisiCalc which used to get shipped with Apple Macs. Dan was a student then at Harvard University when he took his problem of reworking case study calculations seriously.

In following Ted Talk, he talks about it.

Marc L

Excel Ninja
3 years after, the first I ever worked with was Multiplan on PC, before Lotus 1-2-3 …​

Somendra Misra

Excel Ninja
I started my journey with Lotus 1-2-3 (creating a graph in it was supercool in those days). Now all that seems so easy with Power Bi and other tools.

dBase was also the same time.... it was fun to work on those 80286 system with 2Mb RAM, 40MB Harddisk.....


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I, too started with 1-2-3 in 1981. I was not aware of Visicalc as I was introduced to spreadsheets on an IBM DOS computer.


Excel Ninja
That kind of makes me feel quite young, I began with Excel 2003 and it wasn't love at first sight. But as it often happens, it was popular choice in office computers and therefore I kept using it.

I realized Excel's power when I could write VBA program to send emails from IBM's another product, Lotus Notes in 2012 and since then I have been a steady user. This thread on VBAExpress documents those unsteady steps
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