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Customer Data Base with days filter


New Member
I maintain a customer record data sheet ( downloaded online) for all the survey I do for different insurance company . Although it serves its purpose to maintain the records however to further enhance its functionality I would like to add to it :

1. Colour of Rows changes as TAT for not submission of report increases , lets say after 7 days of survey has been done and report not submitted then colour changes to Brown , Next 7 days elapsed - it changes to Red .

2. All the Survey for which Report not submitted should be weekly and Biweekly updated in different tab so that I can just check them and try to close them on priority.

Any other Filters which can be added .

I have also deleted some columns from the original sheet which were not required as per my work .

I have very limited knowledge of Excel and therfore need help .

Thanks in Advance



Active Member
Please do not assume we know your professional jargon. What is TAT ( I stopped reading your post when arriving on that acronym)


New Member
Ok - sorry i didn't noticed

TAT - Turn around Time , Difference between date of survey done and date of report submission