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custom tooltips on excel bubble chart


New Member

Im new here and still learning a lot. I need help to understand how to customize the tooltip to show other information of my choice rather than X/Y location (as below).

is there an eazy way to do this?

thank you



Well-Known Member
Have a look at https://www.clearlyandsimply.com/clearly_and_simply/2010/12/better-chart-tooltips-with-microsoft-excel-2010.html#comment-6a00e554d9fb9988330264e2e6020e200d
and its linked-to file (I haven't looked at it but the date of the post is relatively recent). See also the rest of that thread/article.

You might also be able to do it using data labels, adding and configuring them on the fly as you mouse over various parts of the chart (you can't just hide/unhide individual data labels unfortunately).


New Member
thank you for your answer, yes i found those articles too and actually i took one of the files and use to make my own bubble chart (by changing the data).

i need to learn how to do that from the beginning (new to VBA)