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CTRL+SHIFT+Arrow won't work! Help!


New Member
I recently started to intern at a big firm and the first thing the boss asked me to do was an Excel tracker for KPI's that spans across all weeks of the year. I used a large spreadsheet tracker that was sent to me as a template. I noticed that the CTRL+SHIFT+arrow functions would not work in order to select columns to the left and rows to the bottom. Instead, it would get messed up and select rows to the top as well. Why does this happen and how can I overcome this problem.

When I was done with the entire spreadsheet, the boss asked me to place weekly separator columns. Again the shortcuts would not work and the separators ended up going all the way down to the millionth row. I could not delete the unwanted rows because the shortcut for selecting while scrolling would not work. I sent the spreadsheet with these flaws and am extremely embarrassed by them. I'd appreciate any help.

I am attaching a screenshot.




Excel Ninja
Do other files have merged cells?
Could You upload a sample Excel sample file?
... Your notice unwanted feature cannot verify with Your sent snapshot.