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Credit Book Project


Ok here is the file, hopefully this will show the interface requested.

Couple of things, I understand now (thanks to you guys) how the ISBLANK() function and how to return the "last" number of the list using the VLOOKUP() so I know how to clean up the ledger balance on each individual customer and return it to the zzzzSummaryzzzzz page.

The problem I am experiencing is being able to create new customers and delete old ones as this list will grow and expand and have it return the necessary information to the zzzzSummaryzzzzz page. Now its a major cut/paste job having to create new references.

Individual details on what they have purchased or added to their accounts is necessary to keep and the zzzzzSummaryzzzzz page is printed out daily to have as referrence and to log new tranactions on our counter, etc etc.


Thanks in advance as always!


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Here's how a one-sheet approach (as mentioned in your other thread) would work:

You have 1 sheet for data, with columns for name, date, description, amount (including +/- for debit credit)

On the summary sheet you would then use either formulas or a pivot table to summarize the date. example formula's that you can use: countif(), sumif(), sumproduct()