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Creating a Serial number based on a date and sequential number


New Member
I have occasional reports that require a unique identifying number. The format we use for this number is: the date of the report, converted to yymmdd with a non-repeating sequential 4-digit number. Below is an example:
Report generated on Feb, 1 2019 would have a number of 1902010001
Report generated on Apr, 16 2019 would have a number of 1904160002

I have created a simple spreadsheet with a column of sequential numbers. another column whereby the report date can be entered. What I am hoping for is a formula that will combine the two cells into a copy-pastable text field.


Marc L

Excel Ninja
The issue is the date is not converted as you just used a cell formatting.​
So to convert the date see for example the TEXT worksheet function, easy as you can see in Excel help …​
To concat use the & operator like =A1&A2 for example.​