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Creating a BeanPlot in Excel


New Member

I'm contemplating on the possibility to do a Bean Plot in Excel. In theory, there should be possible to do a horizontal Bean Plot with Area graph and Bar Graph combined.

Do you have any ideas how to start/think/design this? Is it possible?


Excel Ninja
Hi jerk67,

Kindly have a look at this file:


& this thread:


Waiting for feedback.




New Member
Hi Jrek67,

You can create this in Excel using scatter plots. There are 3 parts to it:

1. the violin plot using smothed lines showing the probability density

2. The actual data points as rug plot

3. the quartiles as lines (ala box plot)

The process of calculating probability densities is the trickiest. This depends on your data and what your actual population looks like.

For an example, I took recently conducted Excel salary survey data. Since this data is varied, I considered data points between $15,000 and $100,000 (in other words, salaries in developed countries) and used it to generate bean plot. As you can guess, this range of salaries followed normal distribution, so I used normal distribution densities. (I may be wrong in assuming this)

See the example chart here:



New Member
Thank you Faseeh and Chandoo. You have made my day.

I thought it would require VBA or other solution.

I'm really impressed that I got an answer this quick.

Now it's up to me to vizualise my data.