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Create Popup Window to Display Data From Other Sheets


Hi All,

In sheet 1, cell A2 has "Popup 1". In sheet 2, cell row 2 contains the data that I want to popup when the user click the text "Popup 1" in cell A2 of sheet 1.

Is there a way to do this in Excel?



Thanks guys. Now I want to show more data (multiple rows and columns of sheet 2) in the pop up window. I change the code to the following and it is not working. Or what if I want to display the whole sheet2 or some section of sheet2?

If ActiveCell = "popup1" Then
MsgBox Sheets ("Sheet2").Range ("A2:C2"), bvOKOnly, ""
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Peter Bartholomew

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multiple rows and columns of sheet 2
How many rows and columns? Is the number fixed?
The attached is the same file as before but with the pop-up range reset.
I wouldn't recommend the strategy for a large range though it might be interesting to allow it to scroll through a larger dataset.



@Peter Thanks for your help.
But I need a pop up window. The file you attached shows a fixed the pic. The sheet1 contains a lot of data. And the pic is blocking the data of sheet1. So it is not going to work.

The data in both sheet1 and sheet2 are not fixed. I do not know how big data will be in sheet 2. I am creating a study budget planning and forecasting system which a lot of budget data will be pulled from other sources. Right now I am just trying to create some basic functions and it may need to be more complicated than this. I thought about using Microsoft Access. But I will have to wait for more inputs from the team before I can determine whether Excel is not going to handle the job. But I see Excel can do a lot as we can write VB codes. It is an amazing tool.


I have create a popup userform to show the data in sheet2 and it is working! :)

Thanks so much for your help. I will post again if things are getting more complicated.



Now I want the popup form to show different data based on various data selection.
For example, I want the popup form to show Cute Puppy Data when I select puppy in A1 of sheet1. Popup form shows Cute Kitten Data when I select kitten in A3 of sheet1, big goose data when I select goose in A10 of sheet1, etc.

Will the if statement work in this case? or we need to use array function?


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Hi everybody,
I am looking for a Pop-up GUI (graphical user interface) of a specific selection of a sheet. Think of any kind of application ehre you click somewhere and you get a windows where you can enter your adress, save it then close, BUT you still on the Main page, you see?


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