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Create different workbook from one column criteria


New Member

I want to create different workbook from one criteria. For ex:
Column A column B
1. Tool
1. Gear
2. Parts
2. Shades
So here I want that if column A has 1, it will create a workbook with name 1 and shift all the rows with 1 in column A to the new workbook. Likewise for 2.
Please help.


Excel Ninja
Is/are the first criteria '1.'-workbook name Tool or Gear or both?
Will there be only '1.'-workbook name, which depends of sort order?


New Member
No the first criteria is "1", column B will have tool and gears etc. The workbook should be with the name 1. If the criteria is 2 then workbook will have name as 2. There is no order of 1,2 etc. So we have to loop through entire sheet and take data of the entire rows associated with 1 or 2 or 3 etc. In column A