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Create copy of dashboard on separate workbook to share


New Member
I posted this question on a different topic before I found this forum, and, I am sorry, I don't remember which one.

I have a large workbook that I have just created a dashboard for. I want to create a copy of the dashboard to put in a separate workbook that I can share with coworkers in a shared folder. I don't want the source data to be shared, as it is a large spreadsheet and I don't want to risk accidental edits, etc. I assume that I will have to make new pivot tables and charts for the new dashboard, as I tried to copy the existing ones but could not make new slicers for them.

I have created a new worksheet within the original workbook for the new pivot tables, charts and slicers. When I copy them over to the new workbook, the slicers do not work. Am I doing this right, or is there an easier way?



Excel Ninja
You need to create slicers from the pivottable that's been copied to the new destination. When you copy the slicer, it's probably still trying to reference old data source/pivot.


New Member
Thanks for the quick reply.
I didn't copy the pivot tables, I created new ones on the original workbook on a separate worksheet. I made the slicer right there on the same worksheet and then copied the chart and slicer to the new workbook. I have one chart that is populated with data that does not use slicers, and that one updates on the new workbook fine.