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Create a table using data in a source table


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I would love some help and advice from qualified Excel users out there (which I am not). I

I would like to create a table subset to a source table. I have tried to use a pivot table but it does not allow me to use my final table for the outcome I want (or I least I don't how to make it work).

In table 1 I have a set of data corresponding to a specific client. This table is long as I am dealing with dozens of clients.
I would like table 2 to show this corresponding data per client. This table only contains the information related to a specific client. Table 2 has to be automatically populated according to the client4s name.

A screenshot of what I am trying to achieve for better understanding:

In advance, thank you !



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Perhaps post a sample sheet so we can work on it
What final outcome do you need? PT's are rather versatile


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Something like this?
Hello again,

I have tried to open your file to see if I could use your method. Unfortunately it isn't working as I don't have Visual Basic at work.
I'll try and download it to see if it works later on.

I'll attach a sample sheet to this message.
The end goal is to create autogenerated or autopopulated "tickets" of information per client that will then be printed out and used as a management tool on a map.



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Second version.
With formulas, no VBA
Table 1 is a real table called data
Cell K3 has a dropdown (data validation) with the clients named Clts
Formulas can be found in I3 to I7