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create a pivot table from folder


New Member
Hi, I am trying to create a pivot table from multiple workbooks in one folder and supposed to be updated once add a new excel file to this folder
your support is highly appreciated


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

Read this to start with.


As far as automatically including any new workbook that is added to the folder is concerned , this will require VBA. It will not happen automatically ; you will have to run a macro which will then check for a new file and then add that workbook to the pivot table.

Since the coding is quite extensive , I doubt that anyone will be willing to do it for free.



Excel Ninja
There are few methods depending on your Excel version.

If you have access to PQ (Get & Transform) and using Excel 2013 or later, this would be relatively simple.

If you don't. Then it would require VBA as Narayank mentioned.

Basic steps:
1. Use ADO code to query all workbooks in given folder. See link for how to do this.

But instead of loading to sheet, you'd populate array. You'll likely need to merge header (Fields) with data array.

2. Use array to populate pivot cache and build your pivot from there. See link for sample.

Specific details will depend on how your workbooks are structured and how consistent data structure is across all workbooks.