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Create a dynamic chart for the number series and series ranges

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Stefan Yelas

New Member
Using the data provided to create a chart that functions like the one in the link provided.

That is, it will:
  • accommodate dynamically a change to the number of series plotted when a user selects one of the 4 measures (device, gender, age and visitor type); and
  • change the ranges of the plotted series (via a second user control - with multiple selection allowed).
The rules:
  • You may incorporate any UI controls as required to make the chart function for the user
  • You cannot use more than one chart (and that also means the legend must part of the one chart object)
  • VBA must not be used to make the chart dynamic
  • The chart must not be a pivot chart (pivot tables may be used)
  • Ideally your solution can will work in Excel online - like this one.
The data can be copied directly from the same link.

Link: Example dynamic chart and challenge data




Excel Ninja
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