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Countly Only Unique rows with matching criteria in another column



I have a range where I am trying to count only unique values with matching criteria in cell C.. In below examples I am trying to get the unique count in column A where C is "Inactive - Use Up Inventory" The result should only be 1 as GSF11-BLK is only unique value in column A where Column C is " Inactive - Use Up Inventory" and column D is "Keep". I tried array formulas as well as row unique filter formula however wasn't able to get the result I am looking for. Did anyone come across a similar issue and have a solution for it?

GSF11-BLKInactive - Use Up InventoryKeep
GSF11-BLUActive-Purchased ItemKeep
GSFG11-BLKActive-Purchased ItemKeep
GSM11-BLUActive-Purchased ItemKeep
GSFG11-REDActive-Purchased ItemKeep
GSM11-BLKActive-Purchased ItemKeep
GSM11-BLKInactive - Use Up InventoryKeep
GSM11-BLKActive-Purchased ItemKeep
GSM11-BLUInactive - Use Up InventoryKeep
GSM11-BLUInactive - Use Up InventoryKeep



Count the number of unique values by using functions

  • Use a combination of the IF, SUM, FREQUENCY, MATCH, and LEN functions to do this task:
  • Assign a value of 1 to each true condition by using the IF function.
  • Add the total by using the SUM function.
  • Count the number of unique values by using the FREQUENCY function. The FREQUENCY function ignores text and zero values. For the first occurrence of a specific value, this function returns a number equal to the number of occurrences of that value. For each occurrence of that same value after the first, this function returns a zero.
  • Return the position of a text value in a range by using the MATCH function. This value returned is then used as an argument to the FREQUENCY function so that the corresponding text values can be evaluated.
  • Find blank cells by using the LEN function. Blank cells have a length of 0.
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