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Count and Lookup


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Since no one here is a mind reader, it is necessary for you to explain in sufficient detail the calculation you want. Explain in simple terms with enough detail so that it can be replicated in Excel. What you have provided is of no help at all.

salim hasan

Try this array formula (Ctrl+Shift+Enter)
=IFERROR(IF((MATCH(TRUE,INDEX($E$1:$H$10,MATCH($A$15,$B$1:$B$10,0),)=$B$15,0)-1)=0,1,MATCH(TRUE,INDEX($E$1:$H$10,MATCH($A$15,$B$1:$B$10,0),)=$B$15,0)-1),"Not Found")



Thanks Salim Hasan its works for only the data that doesnt have duplicate but how the results for duiplicates? Thanks
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Peter Bartholomew

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Sorry, what you want is totally opaque. I can count the matches, I can even determine their location, but I have no idea what it is you want. For better or worse, the count is given by the array formula
{= SUM( (YearList=Yr) * (ValueArray=value) )}