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correlation coefficient - statistics analysis debugging.


I have a statistical analysis report and would like to hire someone to fix the entire reports on the excel. I have got a serious issue on the correlation analysis. Basically, I dont know how to do this.

had an assignments on statistics that i had a raw data related to smoking survey , the professor suggested to had to variables that we can compare which are (Age) and (BMI) for smoker . as well as (Age) and (BMI) for non smokers. i am not sure how to do the descriptive analysis for them as well as the following calculation that applied for two variables.

i would like to compare two variables of smoker and non smokers both (ages) and (BMI) how they are related to each other for smoker people and non smoker person base on original survey data.

I have done this report with the help of a freelancer and he is not able to explain how he did the correlation report.

I have raised the questions as follows on the correlation sheet report.

1.Why did he clubbed the BMI and Age of smoker and non smoker under column F and G?

2. How did he get the value of t- as 0.675 with 967 degree f freedom.

Can anyone review the entire report and correct it and explain me.

Actually I dont have much time to submit this report. Can anyone help me please!
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