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Copying and pasting from Excel Web Browser


New Member
How can I do this and keep the formatting. I designed an Excel workbook, then placed it on SharePoint. The data that I need should be copied and pasted to an Outlook email, not attached. The problem is, I can't keep the same format when doing so. I can only paste plain, loosing the format. Is there a way around this so that I can keep the format?


seems to work fine here.
I assume you mean the value.
try putting it on excel again and copy it from that instead of sharepoint?
try pasting it here and then copy it and past on your email?
Try various methods to see what works even if it mean a different email.

works here


New Member
I mean the colors and formating. Attached you will see the formatted (copied from Excel), and the plain (copied from Excel browser). Copying from the Excel application, you have pasting options including keep formatting and even paste as a picture. When copying out of a Sharepoint Firefox browser, you only get three options. Neither of the mentioned. I can do a screen shot and then email, but that means training everyone who uses this sheet. I could, but... SMH